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"Fellow Ghanaians", we are in difficult times and we cannot begin to quantify the impact on businesses across-board. "This too shall pass", as the President popularly ends his press conferences during this season. This is a true statement but now the question for many businesses should be, " what happens after this passes?", and that is what I am here to share my two cents on, for any business that cares.


The importance of planning cannot be stressed enough after this season. It only sounds right for businesses to plan for the aftermath but trust me, it is easier said than done. Whatever plans businesses come up with will either determine their rise or fall and should, therefore, be meticulously done, pulling together all the resources needed for an effective strategic session. My recommendation for this period of planning for businesses would be to engage external consultants. These consultants will take off the pressure from these sessions and give their objective views on the issues arising. Content is not king, Strategy is king so before you think of putting out any content, ask yourself why.

2. Digitize your business.

This is probably the most logical answer for businesses after COVID-19. The keyword here is digital, not social media or Google ads. It is time for businesses to look broader when it comes to their digital presence. The world promises to turn on its head in the coming years, therefore, businesses should plan for these times by digitizing their businesses. My recommendation would be for businesses to establish clear lines of communication internally and externally (customers). If there's one lesson I have learnt during these times, it is the importance of communication between staff but most importantly between businesses and their customers. Brands will have to build stronger communities online especially on social media (for more on building communities online please get in touch).


One very important insight to note for businesses would be the online fancies of customers caused by the lockdown and the desire for information and entertainment. This online habit for many won't die overnight and therefore would be important for businesses to plug into. My recommendation for this would be to study where the majority of customers spent their time and plug your brand with a strong content strategy. This would be a close call amongst Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube in that order. Social media and radio have been the big winners and these "addictions" shouldn't be overlooked.

4. Social Impact

Brands without strategies for social impact have struggled during this period because they don't have much to give or say. Businesses should take this part of their businesses seriously. This is not a CSR plan, this is a socially impactful plan, but what is the difference? I would be happy to discuss this with you, just send me a message. Also, it would have to align well with your brand or you stand the risk of missing out on the impact that plan could have brought your customers and brand overall.


Stay positive and look to do something great as a business. There is light at the end of the tunnel and we all might have been affected but there's a greater opportunity for businesses after this, see it as a RESTART button being pressed and go all out to do something great. All the best and stay safe, stay home and see you all on the other side doing well and shining on. "This too shall pass".