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WE ARE SOCIAL BUT NOT SOCIAL MEDIA. The social media conundrum for businesses in Ghana.

In recent times, I have taken a deep dive into the social media presence of businesses in Ghana and I have come to one conclusion: many businesses are social but not social media. How are you social but not social media?

Very simple I must say, setting up social media platforms and posting content without promoting them, that is being social without being social media. Dear business owner, it is not enough to just post content on your social media platforms without any form of media spend. Why? Because you will not be noticed. I bet you're paying someone to come up with those images you are putting up on your platforms so why don't you want anyone to see them?

Unfortunately, I cannot show the results some of these posts get on their social media platforms but a cue to knowing whether you are just social or social media is by looking at your likes, shares, comments, reach, retweets, impressions and the other key metrics in measuring the performance of your posts. Now, please note that I am not talking to the social media experts who will probably tag me with all the articles on how to get engagements or any form of results without spending a dime on social media which is mostly bs if you ask me. I am talking to the business owners and leaders who are trying to go digital or who think they are digital by just having some form of social media presence, having a spot on a social media platform isn't enough, hasn't been for a while now, to be honest. If you do not have the media budget to support your social media efforts then I would advise you to stop paying the graphic designer and save yourself the time of posting these designs on your social media platforms because you are the only one probably engaging with it, no one else.

By now you are asking yourself whether social media marketing is even effective, my response is in this article: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/06/26/tech/facebook-boycott/index.html . Please skip to how much advertising money Facebook is loosing from the recent boycott against them by some brands. It is sad to see businesses live in the deception of having a "digital presence" with only 2 likes and 1 share. When it comes to digital, I believe the philosophy for businesses should be "if it must be done, it must be done well", this mindset will save you a lot of cash as well as make you a lot of cash if done well. Now you know some of the signs of just being social without achieving the full social media status, so start supporting your social media efforts with some media spend or start asking your agency or someone who can questions. Please note that you need an expert to do the media side of social media for you to get any form of results, it is not as easy as it looks.

Thanks for reading but most importantly, thanks for changing from just being social to being social media worthy. I bet this is a good time to say contact us for your social media marketing but that would be lame because I didn't stay up at 12 am to write this only to try to get your money, I am genuinely concerned about your business and want you to do well so whoever can help you on this regard, please get their help and begin to scale your business.